Ten Steps To Relieving Headaches, Neck Pain, & Jaw Disorders



The MOST FREQUENT QUESTION asked is how to find nearby professionals better equipped to give the hands on care. The answer to that question is complex. It often requires a TEAM of professionals and could be a medical or dental specialist who is trained in the head, neck and jaw, breathing and or myofunctional therapy. Please research options. But BEWARE, there are some who take advantage of those clients who are desperate.

Cynthia agrees with the NIH that SAFE, REVERSIBLE and COST-EFFECTIVE treatments should be tried first. That is why she wrote this book. When considering irreversible and expensive treatments it is wise to do your research and get an independent second or even third opinions.

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Please keep in mind that without an evaluation, it is impossible to give treatment advice. Also, Cynthia is NOT currently consulting virtually unless first evaluated in person. Schedule an appointment with Cynthia on www.CynthiaPetersonPT.com

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