Ten Steps To Relieving Headaches, Neck Pain, & Jaw Disorders


From the Back Cover


“This is the most useful book of its kind that has ever been written…patients who use this book to eliminate harmful habits and implement appropriate home care activities will have the best chance for a speedy and thorough return to normal function.”

Joseph R. Cohen, DDS  President, American Board of Orofacial Pain, Adj. Asst. Professor UCLA Orofacial Pain, TMD and Sleep Apnea Residency Program

I have been a dental hygienist for 35 years and an oral myofunctional therapist for 31 years and this book says it all! For anyone suffering with jaw problems, help is on the way with this book!

-Joy Moeller RDH


Reviews from Readers


After over 2 years of chronic head and jaw pain, three different anti-depressants, 5 consultants, £500 spent on ‘I can really help you private therapists’ at last I found the answers I need in order to get back my quality of life. Time and commitment is needed to read, understand, and work out your own treatment plan and then to stick to it. I have needed to make fundamental changes to what I eat, how I sit, stand, and sleep and to work out a routine of exercises but after only 4 weeks the improvement has been massive. If I get a bad day I can problem solve and try to reduce the trigger which has caused the increased pain. Why isn’t help like this available on the NHS? This book is not for you if you just want to pop a pill to make the pain go away but for me it has enabled me to take control of the pain I have been suffering and do something about it. Absolutely invaluable.


Amara (Amazon review)

This is an incredibly helpful book. It’s written in a positive and motivating way … and even the simple reminder of where your tongue should sit in your mouth has made a HUGE difference to my condition.
I believe in a holistic approach to medical conditions … and it is important to have positive energy feeding your mind.

I’ll take this moment to suggest that anyone with this condition is careful when joining any Facebook and/or chatroom groups … I joined one and it was the most negative experience of my life … I compare it to the dementors in Harry Potter as the users/contributors appear to want to suck every happiness and positive energy out of you.

Where this book gets it right is that it is realistic, positive, and written in a friendly and simple way.
Whilst typing this I’m aware of my posture, my tongue, and that I’m not scrunching my shoulders up … hopefully by continuing to follow the guidance set out in this book I’ll continue to manage the condition successfully.

Sara B (Amazon review)

It is interesting that TMJ can cause headaches; neck pain; shoulder pain; tooth pain; and ringing in the ears. I’m reviewing this book because I’m guessing that many of you are like me — suffering from similar issues and never considered that your TMJ was the culprit.

This is an excellent book that discusses why TMJ pain occurs and what to do about it. This includes improving your posture, paying attention to your breathing, and being aware of the position of your tongue. The book also includes some simple exercises to stretch and strengthen your face, neck and shoulders.

I found this book to be very thorough and helpful. I think it would be a great read if you have been diagnosed with a TMJ problem or if you have unexplained head or neck pain.

Sue Allen Clayton (Amazon Review)

This is the third self help TMJ book I’ve purchased, it is by far the most in depth and helpful of any I’ve read to date. Suffering from chronic jaw and neck pain for over 5 years this book quickly pointed out some habits I was doing that continued to aggravate my condition. It’s a wonder (and disappointment) that none of the 4 PT’s I’ve seen during this period had the information that’s in this book. If they had, I would have saved lots of money and been on the road to recovery much sooner. I will no doubt give a copy to the one I’m seeing now!

What I like about this book is that it very specifically addresses bad habits that can promote these ailments and the correlating correct habits that can prevent them. As I went thru it I very much see why the author does her one hour office evaluation prior to treatment. As I self diagnosed my bad habits through this book it was eye opening to see that changing a few things that before seemed non-related (such as sleep position) could in fact dramatically affect these conditions. Doing physical therapy for one hour a day will not correct the bad habits that may persist for the other 23!

I cannot thank the author enough for her efforts to publish this book. I hope it is widely read by suffers and clinicians who are trying to help those in pain suffering from this condition.

wvanwamb (Amazon review)

Please extend my deepest thanks for Ms. Peterson writing and sharing this book. I’ve been using her techniques for 2 weeks and am finally getting some rem sleep. I thought my problems were because of an accident in my 30’s. I had no idea I was perpatrating them on a daily basis through poor posture and tongue thrust. I found her e-book online at Amazon and it changed my life. My only regret is that I didn’t buy the hard copy to dog ear the pages. So much information was important. Thanks

Cindy Devens (Amazon Review)

This is a great book! I have learned so much from it. I ordered it because I have TMJ disorder. I even changed the way I sleep and my pillow. It helps you to be more aware of your posture and even how you chew and exercise also. It has helped me so much. It has helped my husband with his headaches also….. I think everyone should read this book whether or not you have TMJ disorder or not…. Very informative..

Linda Lee (Amazon review)

Very interesting and informative without promising any quick fixes or easy solutions. She gives practical strategies and tips while suggesting you use the information to try and communicate even better with your doctor.

Jessica Bellinger (Amazon review)

This book was an amazing wealth of information. In every chapter, I found information that was relevant to me; problems that I did not even know that I had, such as a tongue thrust and posture issues. Peterson provides exercises and techniques that can be applied immediately. I followed all of her advice and cured my TMJ in about five months! Thank you, Cynthia Peterson!!!

Love life (Amazon Review)

This is truly the best book to help you fight this condition. I bought the 4 most popular tmj books on amazon and this by far has the best information and guidance.

Oli (Amazon Review)

The book you wish your dentist had read. I wish I’d bought this before spending another $2000 at the dentist trying to correct my jaw pain and headache. Here it is, written by a Physical Therapist and jaw expert, how not to have jaw pain. Did you know there is a right way to chew or swallow, a right place for your tongue and lips? That your dentist with his endless grinding and adjusting and insisting you open wider may be part of the cause of your jaw issues. Don’t wait until your jaw locks and there is a serious issue. Author gives clear explanations of how a jaw works, how to protect it, exercises to regain proper alignment, end head aches and neck stress. She uses clear steps, illustrated with photos, resources to find an expert in jaw pain (orofacial dentist/ doctor) classes, PT, craniofacial research. I wish I’d been cared for by a dentist who’d read this book. Possibly the best $16.50 health care resource you will ever obtain and costs a fraction of more dental care.

Caroljean K. Rodesch (Amazon Review)

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