Ten Steps To Relieving Headaches, Neck Pain, & Jaw Disorders



Muscle Mania: Masseters (Tmj, Tooth & Facial Pain, Ringing In The Ears)

The masseter muscle (superficial masseter highlighted here) can cause pain in the upper and lower jaw, molar teeth, the TMJ’s, eyebrows, and ears and can even cause ringing in the ears known as tinnitus.

Never fear! There is hope. First, be a detective, and with the tips on page 147 figure out which hurtful habits such as mouth breathing, clenching, and chill stress may be making the masseters unhappy.

Calm the masseter muscle with a few simple exercises such as the blowfish on page 148 and orbiting on page 77-78. I find a lot of success with intraoral massage and release techniques and use Dry Needling to release those stubborn masseter trigger points.

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