Ten Steps To Relieving Headaches, Neck Pain, & Jaw Disorders



After over 2 years of chronic head and jaw pain, three different anti-depressants, 5 consultants, £500 spent on ‘I can really help you private therapists’ at last I found the answers I need in order to get back my quality of life. Time and commitment is needed to read, understand, and work out your own treatment plan and then to stick to it. I have needed to make fundamental changes to what I eat, how I sit, stand, and sleep and to work out a routine of exercises but after only 4 weeks the improvement has been massive. If I get a bad day I can problem solve and try to reduce the trigger which has caused the increased pain. Why isn’t help like this available on the NHS? This book is not for you if you just want to pop a pill to make the pain go away but for me it has enabled me to take control of the pain I have been suffering and do something about it. Absolutely invaluable.


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