Ten Steps To Relieving Headaches, Neck Pain, & Jaw Disorders

Sara B

Sara B

This is an incredibly helpful book. It’s written in a positive and motivating way … and even the simple reminder of where your tongue should sit in your mouth has made a HUGE difference to my condition.
I believe in a holistic approach to medical conditions … and it is important to have positive energy feeding your mind.

I’ll take this moment to suggest that anyone with this condition is careful when joining any Facebook and/or chatroom groups … I joined one and it was the most negative experience of my life … I compare it to the dementors in Harry Potter as the users/contributors appear to want to suck every happiness and positive energy out of you.

Where this book gets it right is that it is realistic, positive, and written in a friendly and simple way.
Whilst typing this I’m aware of my posture, my tongue, and that I’m not scrunching my shoulders up … hopefully by continuing to follow the guidance set out in this book I’ll continue to manage the condition successfully.

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