Ten Steps To Relieving Headaches, Neck Pain, & Jaw Disorders



This is the third self help TMJ book I’ve purchased, it is by far the most in depth and helpful of any I’ve read to date. Suffering from chronic jaw and neck pain for over 5 years this book quickly pointed out some habits I was doing that continued to aggravate my condition. It’s a wonder (and disappointment) that none of the 4 PT’s I’ve seen during this period had the information that’s in this book. If they had, I would have saved lots of money and been on the road to recovery much sooner. I will no doubt give a copy to the one I’m seeing now!

What I like about this book is that it very specifically addresses bad habits that can promote these ailments and the correlating correct habits that can prevent them. As I went thru it I very much see why the author does her one hour office evaluation prior to treatment. As I self diagnosed my bad habits through this book it was eye opening to see that changing a few things that before seemed non-related (such as sleep position) could in fact dramatically affect these conditions. Doing physical therapy for one hour a day will not correct the bad habits that may persist for the other 23!

I cannot thank the author enough for her efforts to publish this book. I hope it is widely read by suffers and clinicians who are trying to help those in pain suffering from this condition.

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